FXT | Placing Orders&Spot Margin Trading

FXT | Placing Orders&Spot Margin Trading

Placing Orders

If we are looking to get "Long" we make sure obviously we are selecting Buy BTC in this top header.


If we are looking to get "Short" we select the Sell BTC header and that is going to allow us to open a Short position.


For now we are looking at opening a Long position, if I wanted to use a market order, this would automatically enter my position at market price and what i can do in here is I can select the amount of BTC that I would like to purchase for this Long position or I can select the amount in USD.


Place this position by pressing "Buy" button.


You can see my Order has been placed and scroll down here.


Spot Margin Trading

How to enable margin trading

To enable margin trading and borrowing, visit your settings page or the borrowing page.


Click "Margin" then "Enable spot margin trading".


Once you change the setting you can see there are two options in the spot margin section "View Borrows" and "View Lending".


You can also access the borrow landing page via the window icon on the navigation bar and click "Borrow/Lending".

If you turn margin trading and borrowing on, then your account will attempt to borrow any spot assets that it is short. If you turn it off, there will instead be collateral conversions to true up any short balances.