Huobi Auto-Invest has launched, One-Stop Trading and Interest Earning

Huobi Auto-Invest has launched, One-Stop Trading and Interest Earning


Dear Valued Users,

The Auto-Invest product on the Huobi platform has launched. This product will improve the benefit of users' idle assets, and make sure that both trading and earning can be done. We sincerely invite you to experience earning interest every day.

What is Auto-Invest?

Auto-Invest is a flexible deposit product created by Huobi to help users actualize one-stop earning. You can deposit and withdraw at any time, reinvest with compound interest, and conduct spot transactions without transfer. Activate this service with one click and your idle digital assets of various currencies will gain earnings for you while supporting spot transactions in the meantime.

What are the advantages of Auto-Invest

1.Flexible deposit and withdrawal: support deposit and withdrawal at any time, assets are immediately delivered to the spot account after withdrawal.

2.Support spot trading: Auto-Invest account assets can be used for spot trading at any time.

3.Safe and stable: Auto-Invest relies on Huobi Global's strict risk control system to fully guarantee the safety of users' assets and enjoy earning with confidence.

4.Rich assets: Auto-Invest has more token assets, we can meet the needs of users for earning different token assets.

5.Automatic compound interest investment: The generated interest is automatically reinvested to create compound interest.

How to use Auto-Invest

1.The user actively deposits Auto-Invest products, and the assets used by the user for deposit will be transferred to the Auto-Invest account.

2.The user activates the fixed-to-flexible function, and the user's assets are automatically transferred to the Auto-Invest account after the fixed product expires.

3.The user enables the automatic transfer of the spot balance to Auto-Invest, and the platform system will automatically transfer the spot balance assets to the Auto-Invest account at 10:00 (UTC) every day.

How to calculate benefits

T-day (UTC 8) deposition. Benefits will be calculated at 0:00 (UTC 8) at T 1 time, and income will be released at 0:00 (UTC 8) at T 2 time.

Please note

1.The returns of Auto-Invest products will fluctuate according to market changes, so historical returns can not be indicative of future returns. We do not promise to pay any other form of property return in currency, in kind, equity or any other forms within a certain period of time.

2.Spot uses the Auto-Invest account trading function to adjust dynamically according to the spot trading rules. For details, please refer to the actual description of the spot trading as the standard.

Feedback and Query

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Huobi Global

June 9, 2022
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